IT Services

With a group of highly skilled engineers and extensive professional experience, Groschopp Systems Solutions can provide a wide variety of IT services.

The majority of our work centers around software development, including complex database design, front-end, and back-end systems.

Past projects include a collection of desktop applications, database sites, and mobile apps that focus on information delivery while providing a seamless UX.

Our agile approach to work and versatile areas of expertise allow us to build projects from the ground up, providing software and hardware design, service implementation, and final product testing to ensure next-level outcomes.


Our company’s history is rooted in robotics and automatization, which is why it should come as no surprise that the projects we’re most passionate about have to do with this area of engineering in particular.

Over the years, we’ve worked on dozens of industrial and non-industrial robotics projects. These include single-task focused robots (like our autonomous platform and warehouse transporter robots) to more complex, autonomous systems used in factories and the medical field.

At Groschopp Systems Solutions, we love a challenge. Therefore, if you have an idea that requires expertise in the area of robotics engineering, make sure to get in touch — even if only for a consultation.

Electric Vehicles

We believe that electric vehicles are the future. That’s why we’re currently focused on developing products that will allow more people to access this type of technology, without being limited to the current offer in the automotive industry.

One of the major projects we’re working on at the moment is electrifying a VW Beetle using our specially designed electric motors. Additionally, we are looking forward to upcoming small and large-scale projects that will bring the future of EVs into the present.

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